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Pune’s Mula-Mutha River Bank Transformation: A Call for Urgent Progress

Mula-Mutha River Bank Improvement Project symbolises Pune's dedication to revitalising the city's natural environment. Increasing urban aesthetics and environmental consciousness are more pressing than ever before.

Pune, September 1, 2023: This comprehensive guide examines the progress, challenges, and potential of the ongoing Mula-Mutha River Bank Improvement Project. The journey from its inception to its latest developments captivates and enlightens.

A slow start: Progress setbacks and imperative action

It has been decided to revive the Mula-Mutha river banks in Pune. The vision includes 3.7 kilometres between Sangamwadi and Bund Garden and 5.3 kilometres between Bund Garden and Mundhwa. The project, which will cost Rs 265 crores for the former stretch and Rs 604 crores for the latter, is set to rejuvenate one of the city’s most iconic waterways.

An overview of the current situation

As of August 31, 2023, the river bank improvement project has encountered a setback in its pace. With only 12 per cent of the work completed by the end of August, the initial 20 per cent target still needs to be met. In response to this unexpected development, Pune Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar took swift and decisive action. In his directive, he emphasises the need to accelerate the project’s progress and measures to encourage contractors to work harder.

The vision in a glimpse

A central vision of the River Revival Project is to breathe new life into the Mula-Mutha river banks. As a result of the transformation, the city’s aesthetics will be enhanced, and the quality of life for its residents will be improved. Pune’s essence is encapsulated in these two vital stretches of the project.
Sangamwadi to Bund Garden: A journey of beautification
The first phase of this ambitious undertaking covers the stretch from Sangamwadi to Bund Garden. The 3.7-kilometer walk weaves through greenery, walkways, and rejuvenating spaces. Citizens can enjoy the serene beauty of well-maintained gardens, strategically placed seating, and pathways that invite strolling.

Bund Garden to Mundhwa: A journey of transformation

In the second phase, Bund Garden to Mundhwa, 5.3 kilometres of waterways will be redefined. This vision combines modern design with natural charm. With pedestrian-friendly spaces, iconic landmarks, and thoughtful architectural elements, urban infrastructure and the environment coexist harmoniously along this stretch.

It’s a puzzle, the workforce

The workforce allocation plays a vital role in determining the pace of the project. Approximately 400 workers and labourers are employed in the Sangamwadi to Bundgarden segment, but only 130 workers are used in the Bundgarden to Mundhwa segment. Concerns have been raised over the equitable distribution of effort on the project due to this discrepancy.

Legislative evolution: Tree Authority Act Amendment

As a result of an amendment to the Tree Authority Act, an intriguing legislative shift has emerged. This revision transfers authority to the Municipal Corporation to authorise tree felling. In light of the necessity to remove around seven thousand trees for the Mula-Mutha River Bank Improvement Project, this has significant implications.

Navigating forward: Immediate measures

Pune Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has taken several strategic steps to steer the project back on track in the quest for progress. Recognising the situation’s urgency, he has directed the contractor to augment the workforce, ensuring that the project regains momentum. The third phase of the river improvement scheme – an eight-kilometre stretch from Baner to Wakad – has also been put out to tender.

Legends of the local area and their cultural context

There is a strong sense of history woven into Pune’s architecture. While not directly tied to the river bank improvement project, local myths and legends are worth acknowledging. The stories intermingle with the waterways, adding a layer of magic to the revitalisation process.

Bringing the future to light: A vision realised

The project blends urban development with environmental preservation, offering Pune’s citizens a promising future. The forthcoming weeks will witness Commissioner Vikram Kumar making decisions aligned with the amended Tree Authority Act as he navigates the delicate balance between progress and ecological preservation.

Purpose-driven progress

There is a spirit of improvement; the heart of transformation lies in the core of Pune’s Mula-Mutha River Bank Improvement Project. A reimagining of urban spaces and their symbiotic relationship with nature is achieved with challenges met head-on and a vision that is in tune with the city’s essence.

As the project forges ahead with renewed determination, hope is reflected – proof that even in the face of setbacks, progress can be orchestrated through collaboration, resolution, and shared commitment.

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