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Rasta Peth and Bhavani Peth Residents Gear Up To Welcome Sant Tukaram Palkhi and Sant Dyaneshwar Palkhi 

Sant Tukaram Palkhi and Sant Dyaneshwar Palkhi Arriving on 12 June @ Rasta Peth and Bhavani Peth

Pune, June 11, 2023 – The much-awaited moment has arrived as the palkis (palanquin processions) of Sant Tukaram, and Sant Dyaneshwar are all set to begin their respective journeys towards Rasta Peth and Bhavani Peth. The devotees eagerly anticipate the synchronized arrival of these revered palkis tomorrow evening, June 12, at 9:39 pm, in the vibrant neighbourhoods of Pune.

rasta peth

The palkhi procession of Sant Tukaram commences from Dehu Road, a significant location closely associated with the saint’s life. Devotees from Dehu Road and its surroundings come together to join the procession, carrying the palanquin with great devotion and reverence. The palkhi, adorned with flowers and accompanied by soulful bhajans, embarks on its sacred journey, capturing the hearts and minds of the pilgrims who walk alongside it.

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Similarly, the palkhi of Sant Dyaneshwar begins its pilgrimage from Alandi, a place of immense importance in the saint’s life and teachings. Devotees gather at Alandi to pay their respects and offer prayers before commencing the procession. The palkhi, beautifully decorated and resonating with the chants and hymns dedicated to the saint, sets off on its spiritual expedition, with the devotees walking in unison, driven by their unwavering faith.

Both palkis, Sant Tukaram’s and Sant Dyaneshwar’s, traverse the sacred path connecting these revered saints. As they make their way towards Rasta Peth and Bhavani Peth, the streets of Pune will witness an outpouring of devotion, spirituality, and celebration. The residents have made elaborate preparations, adorning the streets with vibrant decorations, rangolis, and colourful banners, creating an enchanting ambience.

The synchronization of the arrival of the palkhis holds great significance for the residents of Rasta Peth and Bhavani Peth. Tomorrow, at 9:30 pm, the air will buzz with anticipation as the two palkhis will reach their particular destination simultaneously.

palkhi health centre

Residents associations have left no stone unturned to ensure the palkis receive a grand welcome. Pilgrims’ safety measures and arrangements for their comfort and well-being have been implemented. Temporary shelters, rest areas, community kitchens, and healthcare centres have been established to provide the devotees with food, rest, and medical assistance throughout their journey.

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As the residents of Rasta Peth and Bhavani Peth eagerly await the arrival of Sant Tukaram and Sant Dyaneshwar, they are filled with a deep sense of devotion and reverence. The Wari serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and spiritual legacy that continues to thrive in Maharashtra, with the residents’ dedication to upholding the tradition exemplifying their unwavering faith and commitment.

The forthcoming evening will mark a joyous and spiritually uplifting occasion as the palkis of Sant Tukaram and Sant Dyaneshwar reach their final destination in Rasta Peth and Bhavani Peth. The grand celebrations, the enchanting melodies of bhajans, and the palpable atmosphere of devotion will unite the residents and devotees in a memorable and profound experience.

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