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Residents Take to the Streets: Rasta Roko Event Demands Progress on Neglected NIBM Undri Road

Rasta Roko Event Demands Progress on Neglected NIBM Undri Road

Recent reports of a fatal accident on NIBM Undri road have reverberated through the local community, bringing to the forefront the urgent need to develop the stretch between Bakers Point on NIBM road and Kad Nagar in Undri. However, despite the incident two weeks ago, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has yet to present a concrete action plan, leaving Due to the lack of action by the PMC, residents of NIBM Undri Road have organized a Rasta Roko event on June 11 at 10 AM near Clover Palisades (opposite Bizbay Mall).

Residents claim that the PMC has consistently ignored their requests for a clear development plan for NIBM Undri Road, frustrating them.
The road suffers from inadequate management, characterized by encroachments, narrow lanes, improper levelling, and the absence of safety signage, all of which have contributed to numerous severe and fatal accidents. Residents are demanding the implementation of a safe and broader motorable road that effectively addresses these pressing issues.

Adding to traffic congestion is the delay in completing the Cloud 9 road work, with alternate roads also in poor and impassable conditions. Several residents have complained that the PMC should have prioritized the creation of alternate routes before starting the road work. By resolving most traffic congestion issues, residents would have experienced less frustration.

To draw the attention of the PMC to the impending issues in NIBM Road and the surrounding areas, residents have previously organized rasta roko events. However, meaningful action has yet to occur.
A forum member highlighted residents’ daily challenges while driving along NIBM Undri road. Traffic congestion is an ongoing problem, leading to commuter delays of at least thirty minutes.

Another resident emphasized the crucial improvements needed for the road, including proper footpaths, adequate street lighting, appropriate levelling, removal of encroachments, installation of road dividers, and the eradication of unauthorized shops, banners, posters, and food carts. Furthermore, a wider road is necessary to accommodate the growing traffic flow.

The residents are hopeful that their upcoming Rasta Roko event will capture the attention of the authorities and spur the PMC into immediate action. The development of NIBM Undri road is not solely a matter of convenience; it is a critical safety measure aimed at preventing further accidents in the future.

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