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Roseland Society in PCMC Area Secures Legal Relief

In a significant legal development, the Bombay High Court has granted a stay order on the dissolution of the executive body of Roseland Society in Pimple Saudagar, as ordered by the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Housing Societies (CHS). The High Court, upon hearing a petition challenging the Deputy Registrar's decision made on April 5, has directed the full reinstatement of the executive body, including the chairman of the society. This decision comes as a relief to the residents of Roseland Society, a prominent housing society within the limits of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC).

Upholding the Society’s Standing

Roseland Society stands as a distinguished housing society within the PCMC, boasting a community of 900 flats and 100 bungalows. Its residents, comprising around 4,500 individuals from the middle-class and upper-middle-class strata, enjoy a comfortable and well-regarded living environment. Over the years, the society has been recognized for its excellence, receiving numerous awards from both the Central and State governments for its outstanding contributions to the community.

Challenging the Dissolution Order

The recent turn of events arose from a complaint filed by certain members of the Roseland Society with the office of the Deputy Registrar of Cooperatives. These members accused the executive body of the society of violating the rules governing the management committee and engaging in financial irregularities. In response to the complaint, the Deputy Registrar took action, dissolving the general body and disqualifying its sitting members for a period of five years.

Seeking Justice through Legal Channels

Faced with the dissolution of their executive body, the residents of Roseland Society decided to pursue legal recourse to challenge the Deputy Registrar’s decision. They approached the Bombay High Court, seeking intervention and relief from the perceived injustice. After careful consideration and examination of the petition, the High Court found merit in their claims and granted a stay order on the dissolution, thereby reinstating the executive body and upholding the rights of the society members.

A Victory for the Society

The stay order from the Bombay High Court signifies a significant triumph for Roseland Society and its residents. It not only reaffirms the society’s commitment to adhering to the law, rules, and bylaws but also serves as a testament to its untarnished reputation. The court’s decision acknowledges the absence of irregularities within the society and acknowledges the baselessness of the accusations against the executive body.

The recent legal intervention by the Bombay High Court has brought respite to Roseland Society, a prominent housing society in the PCMC area. By staying the dissolution order issued by the Deputy Registrar, the court has upheld justice and fairness. The residents of Roseland Society can now look forward to the reinstatement of their executive body, ensuring the continuation of effective governance and the maintenance of their esteemed living standards.

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