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Rs 3.4 Crore for First Phase of Ring Road Land Acquisition

The development of infrastructure is a vital aspect of urban expansion and growth. In the city of Pune, a significant project is underway to construct a ring road that will enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother transportation. As part of this ambitious undertaking, the district administration has recently announced the compensation amount for the acquisition of land required for the first phase of the Pune ring road project.

Urbanization and population growth in Pune have resulted in increased traffic congestion and the need for improved transportation infrastructure. The construction of a ring road aims to alleviate these challenges by providing an alternate route that bypasses the city center and connects various regions efficiently. However, such infrastructure projects necessitate the acquisition of land from farmers and landowners, which involves fair compensation and meticulous planning.

The Need for a Ring Road

Pune, a vibrant city in Maharashtra, has experienced rapid development in recent years. With a growing population and expanding urban areas, the existing road network has become strained. A ring road offers a solution by diverting traffic away from congested areas, reducing travel time, and enhancing overall connectivity.

Land Acquisition Process

The acquisition of land for public projects is a crucial process that requires coordination between the government and landowners. In this case, the district administration of Pune is responsible for acquiring the necessary land for the ring road project. The administration must follow a transparent and legal procedure to ensure that landowners are fairly compensated for their assets.

Compensation Amount

To proceed with the land acquisition, the district administration has agreed to pay a total compensation amount of Rs 3,385 crore. This sum will be distributed among approximately 5,000 farmers in four talukas, namely Maval, Mulshi, Haveli, and Bhor. The revised compensation was determined after the state government instructed the administration to consider the land transaction rates prevailing before the Covid-19 pandemic in the respective talukas. It is important to note that the earlier compensation amount announced was Rs 2,500 crore.

Project Scope

The Pune ring road project encompasses the construction of a 172-kilometer road, with 1507.6 hectares of land to be acquired. The western phase of the project entails acquiring 622.6 hectares of land, while the eastern phase requires the acquisition of 885 hectares. The ring road will be a crucial transportation artery, linking several villages and facilitating smoother movement within the region.

Phases of Land Acquisition

The land acquisition process for the ring road project will be carried out in two distinct phases: the western phase and the eastern phase.

Western Phase

The western phase will cover 32 villages in Maval, Mulshi, Haveli, and Bhor talukas. This phase will involve acquiring land spanning 622.6 hectares, creating a foundation for the construction of a significant portion of the ring road.

Eastern Phase

The eastern phase comprises 49 villages in Khed, Haveli, Purandar, Bhor, and Maval talukas. Acquiring 885 hectares of land in this phase will complete the land acquisition process for the entire project.

Commencement of Work

The district administration of Pune has already initiated work for the western phase of the project. Notices for land acquisition will be issued to the landowners by the end of June, with the aim of completing the process by the end of July or August. Simultaneously, the administration plans to begin land acquisition for the eastern phase in August, targeting completion by September.

Timeline for Land Acquisition

The acquisition of land for the Pune ring road project will follow a carefully planned timeline to ensure smooth progress. The administration is committed to conducting the land acquisition process efficiently and transparently, adhering to legal guidelines, and fulfilling its obligation to compensate landowners adequately.


The first phase of land acquisition for the Pune ring road project marks a significant milestone in the development of infrastructure in the region. The compensation amount of Rs 3,385 crore demonstrates the administration’s commitment to ensuring fair compensation for landowners. As the project progresses, it will enhance transportation connectivity, reduce congestion, and promote economic growth in Pune and its surrounding areas.

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