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SIBM Pune: Revolutionizing Admissions with AI-based Gamified Assessment


In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune has emerged as a trailblazer, equipping future managers with the skills and mindset required to thrive in a world of infinite possibilities. Established in 1978, SIBM Pune has garnered a reputation for its industry-relevant curriculum, emphasis on research and innovation, and a close relationship with the corporate world. Today, we delve into an innovative aspect of SIBM Pune’s admissions process that sets it apart: the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and gamified assessments. In this article, we explore how SIBM Pune leverages AI-based gamified assessments to evaluate candidates and ensure an inclusive admissions process.

The Power of Gamification in Student Evaluation

Gamification, the application of game elements and mechanics in non-gaming contexts, has gained significant recognition as a valuable tool in student evaluation. Its ability to increase engagement, encourage creativity, and enhance critical thinking makes it an ideal fit for assessing the potential of aspiring students. SIBM Pune recognized the untapped potential of gamification and embraced its implementation to redefine the admissions process.

The Unique Approach to Admissions at SIBM Pune

SIBM Pune’s admissions process is meticulously designed to evaluate a candidate’s overall personality, assessing not only their academic prowess but also their creativity, imagination, and ability to collaborate effectively. The institute aims to identify individuals who possess the qualities required to excel in their chosen field while also fostering a diverse and inclusive student body.

AI-based Gamified Assessments: A Paradigm Shift

In 2023, SIBM Pune became one of the first business schools in India to adopt AI-based gamified assessments as part of its admissions process. These assessments leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive evaluation of candidates. Shortlisted candidates, based on their performance in the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP), were invited to participate in a series of online games tailored to generate specific reports.

The gamified assessments employed by SIBM Pune assessed various aspects of a candidate’s personality, including multitasking abilities, risk-taking propensity, and introversion versus extroversion tendencies. Through this innovative approach, the institute gained valuable insights into each candidate’s cognitive abilities and aptitude, providing a holistic perspective for the panelists during the selection process.

Advantages of Gamified Assessments

The integration of gamification into the admissions process offers numerous benefits over traditional evaluation methods. Firstly, it enhances engagement and motivation among candidates, leading to a more active participation and a better overall evaluation. Secondly, gamified assessments improve information retention, allowing candidates to showcase their knowledge and skills more effectively. Lastly, this approach enables a more accurate measurement of student understanding, including soft skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking aptitude.

The Panelists’ Perspective

The panelists responsible for selecting candidates were highly impressed with the holistic insights gained through the gamified assessments. This comprehensive evaluation approach enabled them to evaluate not only academic knowledge but also the candidate’s personality, collaborative abilities, and emotional intelligence. The reports derived from the gamified assessments served as invaluable tools, aiding the panelists in their decision-making process and ensuring the selection of well-rounded individuals.

Fostering Inclusion and Accessibility

SIBM Pune’s commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond the gamified assessments. The institute strives to provide an inclusive experience for all candidates, ensuring equal opportunities and support for those with unique requirements. Differently-abled candidates receive special attention and support throughout the admissions process. The Aspirant Relations Team at SIBM Pune goes the extra mile to ensure that candidates with hearing disabilities can access information easily. Voice-recorded call letters, accessible through a QR code, allow differently-abled candidates to receive the same joyful experience as their peers. Additionally, all introductory and onboarding videos have been translated into Indian Sign Language (ISL), accompanied by closed captions, making them accessible to candidates with hearing disabilities. SIBM Pune ensures that every candidate feels welcomed, respected, and supported.


SIBM Pune has truly redefined the admissions process through its groundbreaking integration of AI-based gamified assessments. By leveraging the power of gamification and artificial intelligence, SIBM Pune has successfully evaluated candidates’ potential, fostering engagement, creativity, and critical thinking.

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