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Tata Punch iCNG 2023 Launched: A Detailed Insight Into Its Game-Changing Features

The Tata Punch iCNG emerges as an innovative, feature-rich, and safety-conscious entrant in the growing CNG vehicle market in India. Its introduction promises to stir up competition and might just herald a new era of eco-friendly driving in the country.

The rising popularity of the CNG powertrain in the Indian market, spurred by skyrocketing petrol prices, signals a significant shift in the automobile industry. While Maruti Suzuki has been ruling the roost in the CNG vehicle segment with its extensive lineup, Tata Motors has steadily been gaining traction. The latest entrant to Tata’s impressive iCNG fleet is the Punch, which had its dazzling debut at the Auto Expo 2023.

Power under the hood: The Tata Punch iCNG powertrain

Tata Punch iCNG impressively deploys the three-cylinder naturally aspirated 1.2-litre engine, already seen in several other Tata vehicles. This powertrain delivers a commendable 72.39 bhp and peak torque of 103 Nm while running on CNG. Switch to petrol, and the power metrics surge to an impressive 84.82 bhp and 113 Nm. Be ready to feel the raw manual power, as the Punch iCNG offers only a 5-speed manual gearbox. Sorry, automatic transmission enthusiasts, you might have to wait a bit!

Revolutionary twin-cylinder technology

CNG vehicles often face criticism due to the space-consuming CNG tank. Tata Motors takes this challenge head-on with their novel twin-cylinder technology. Instead of a single massive cylinder, two are used, tactically placed in the floor well. This ingenious solution ensures you don’t have to compromise on luggage space, making your long drives as practical as they are eco-friendly.

Safety first: Advanced measures for Tata Punch iCNG

Safety remains paramount for Tata Motors, and the Punch iCNG illustrates this commitment perfectly. The car boasts a microswitch that ensures it remains switched off during refuelling. Not just that, its thermal incident protection system cuts off the CNG supply to the engine and safely releases gas into the atmosphere if needed. The reinforced rear body structure, combined with a 6-point mounting system for the CNG tanks, ensures top-tier rear crash safety.

Luxurious features of the Tata Punch iCNG

Luxury comes standard with the Punch iCNG. Indulge in the convenience of a voice-assisted electric sunroof and the comfort of front seat armrests. Stay connected on the go with a 7″ Harman infotainment system supporting Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Automatic projector headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, and a shark-fin antenna are just the cherry on top. All of this is rounded off with a USB Type-C charger to keep your devices powered up.

Tata Punch iCNG: Variants and pricing

Tata offers the Punch iCNG in three intriguing variants – Pure, Adventure, and Accomplished. Each variant comes with an optional pack – the Adventure variant can be jazzed up with the Rhythm pack, while the Accomplished can be elevated with the Dazzle S pack. Starting at a competitive ₹7.10 lakh, the prices rise to ₹9.68 lakh, ex-showroom.

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