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Temperature in Pune hits 40-degree Celsius.

No heatwave advisory, but weather department cautions against afternoon outings and emphasizes staying hydrated.

Cyclone Mocha has caused a heatwave in Pune, leading to temperatures rising up to 40 degrees Celsius. This is an unusually high temperature for this time of year, and it has been attributed to the effects of the cyclone.

The cyclone has disrupted the normal patterns of weather in the region, leading to increased temperatures and dry conditions. This has caused concern among farmers, who are already struggling with the effects of a prolonged monsoon season and other weather-related challenges.

Local authorities are taking numerous measures to address the situation, such as providing water tankers to areas that are facing water shortages and issuing warnings to people to take precautions against the heat.

Climate change and extreme weather events can pose for communities around the world, and underscores the importance of taking proactive steps to address these challenges and prepare for a changing climate by building resilience.

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