The Incredible Journey : From Auto Driver to Corporate Motivational Speaker and TED X Star – Meet Anna Durai and his AMAZING AUTO!

With unparalleled customer service and an innovative approach to transportation, "Amazing Auto" has turned heads and won hearts in the busy streets of Chennai. Thanks to the founder's vision, an incredibly affordable fare per ride makes this hi-tech auto rickshaw resemble a first-class flight.

August 4, 2023: The success of Amazing Auto can be attributed to Annadurai’s unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, steadfast customer loyalty, and a profound appreciation for customer feedback, which has propelled this remarkable venture to soaring heights.

Customer satisfaction: A core belief of Amazing Auto

At the heart of Amazing Auto’s success lies its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Annadurai, the brainchild behind this revolutionary concept, believes that every passenger deserves to be treated like a valued guest. With a meticulous eye for detail, the auto-rickshaw has been transformed into a welcoming, comfortable, and clean ride for commuters. From plush cushioned seats subtle in-ride entertainment options, Amazing Auto has redefined the traditional auto rickshaw experience, ensuring passengers enjoy their journey as much as their destination.

Customer loyalty: The driving force of Amazing Auto

Amazing Auto stands apart by cultivating a loyal customer base amid the sea of vehicles. Annadurai’s warm and personalized approach to customer interactions has won the hearts of countless passengers. Regular commuters have become vigorous advocates for the service, referring friends and family to the “Amazing” experience. The trust and loyalty garnered by the brand have played a pivotal role in its sustained success, creating a virtuous cycle of ever-increasing patronage.

Innovative customer feedback system: Empowering improvement

Because Annadurai believes in continuous improvement, he developed a customer feedback system. Passengers are encouraged to participate in contests and share their thoughts, which helps identify areas for enhancement and makes customers feel valued and engaged. This inclusive feedback mechanism has been pivotal in shaping Amazing Auto’s growth and innovation.

Plush cushioned seats a luxurious commute

At the core of Amazing Auto’s exceptional experience is its commitment to passenger comfort. Plush, cushioned seats ensure a comfortable journey through busy city streets. This combination of comfort and convenience has redefined how commuters perceive auto travel.

Subtle in-ride entertainment: Making travel engaging and enjoyable

Unlike traditional auto rickshaws, where rides are often uneventful, Amazing Auto offers a delightful in-ride entertainment experience. Passengers can enjoy a curated selection of music, captivating short films, and engaging content during their commute. The auto’s hi-tech multimedia system ensures that every moment of the ride is entertaining, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Personalized service: Building customer loyalty

The driving force behind Amazing Auto’s rapid success is Annadurai’s personalized approach to customer service. He treats each passenger with a warm and friendly demeanour as a valued guest. Regular commuters receive a warm welcome, with their preferences that must be remembered and catered to. This personalized touch fosters a strong bond of loyalty, prompting passengers to opt for Amazing Auto over any other mode of transportation.

Clean and hygienic environment: Prioritizing passenger well-being

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is a top priority for Amazing Auto. The auto-rickshaw undergoes regular cleaning and sanitization, ensuring passengers enter a fresh and welcoming space. The attention to hygiene has gained the trust of commuters, especially during the pandemic, making Amazing Auto a preferred choice for those prioritizing safety and well-being.

Among the features of Amazing Auto are

  • 8+ Daily Newspapers – be informed about what’s happening around
  • 40+ Magazines – to read about your trade while travelling
  • Mini Library – have you read brief answers to the big questions?
  • Charging Point – It’s a pain to miss calls. Let us put your phone on the charger
  • Live TV – on-demand live news and sports events
  • Free Wifi – get connected to the free internet and keep surfing
  • Laptop, Tab & iPad – if you need to send out quick emails or edit sheets
  • Multiple Payment methods – cash, card, UPI & cryptos. Sometimes credit :
  • Google Home, Amazon Echo – let’s find out who answers 7915 x 1795 fast
  • Free Water, Tea & Snacks – you can be running late, but never skip breakfast
  • Monthly Contests – quick brain teasers with actual prizes
  • Special Day Offers – Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, my birthday, your birthday
  • Umbrella – take one when you deboard, bring it back or drop it at select stores
  • Hand Sanitizers – we need to keep ourselves safe from viruses and bacteria.

Standout moments in Anna Durai’s entrepreneurial journey

As a motivational speaker, companies like Infosys, Syntel, Amazon, and Tech Mahindra, have sought Anna Durai. He has been recognized throughout the industry for his impactful talks on Customer Service, Loyalty, and Retention. TEDx was a standout moment in Anna Durai’s career, where he delivered a powerful message on Customer Service and relationship-building that resonated with audiences. His dedication to customer-centricity has made him a sought-after figure in the corporate world, inspiring employees to provide exceptional customer service and foster customer loyalty.

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Amazing Auto’s meteoric rise in Chennai can be attributed to its revolutionary vision and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and feedback.
Annadurai’s innovative approach has transformed mundane auto rickshaw rides into a first-class flight experience, offering commuters an exceptional journey at an astonishingly affordable rate.

This unwavering dedication to putting customers first has redefined how people perceive auto travel, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Annadurai’s Amazing Auto has become the epitome of luxury auto travel, ensuring every passenger experiences a first-class journey at every step.

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