The Maruti XL6: Unraveling its 2023 Prices and Offers in Pune

Are you thinking about stepping up your car game? Looking for something with a bit more room, maybe a bit more style? Allow us to introduce you to the Maruti XL6. We're diving deep into the latest on-road pricing for the 2023 Maruti XL6 in Pune, and the word on the street is that this beauty starts from a very tempting ₹11.56 Lakh.

A Quick Look at the Maruti XL6
The Maruti XL6 is a spacious six-seater that blends practicality with style, and brings a luxurious twist to your everyday drive. It features robust exteriors, exuding a sporty stance, and interiors equipped with modern amenities designed to offer supreme comfort. Now, let’s shift gears and hit the road with some exciting details about its price.

The Pricing Breakdown of Maruti XL6 Models in Pune

  1. Zeta(Petrol) (Base Model)
    The base petrol model starts at an ex-showroom price of Rs.11,56,000. However, when you factor in Rs.1,41,494 for RTO, Rs.46,679 for insurance, and Rs.12,060 for other expenses, the on-road price amounts to Rs.13,56,233. Isn’t it great to finally know what you’re getting into?
  2. Alpha(Petrol)
    Next in the line is the Alpha(Petrol) variant with an ex-showroom price of Rs.12,56,000. The on-road price in Pune, considering RTO, Insurance and other charges, is Rs.14,72,087. That’s a premium model for a truly premium driving experience.
  3. Zeta AT(Petrol)
    Do you fancy automatic transmission? The Zeta AT(Petrol) model might be your pick. It starts at an ex-showroom price of Rs.13,06,000, with the on-road price in Pune settling at Rs.15,30,006. Sounds like a fair trade for the added convenience, doesn’t it?
  4. Alpha Plus(Petrol)
    Get ready to ride in style with the Alpha Plus(Petrol) variant. With an ex-showroom price of Rs.13,16,000, it stands tall with an on-road price of Rs.15,41,591 in Pune. Luxurious and spacious – a perfect mix.
  5. Alpha Plus Dual Tone(Petrol)
    Interested in a dual tone variant? The Alpha Plus Dual Tone(Petrol) comes with an ex-showroom price of Rs.13,32,000 and rounds off to Rs.15,34,558 for on-road price in New Delhi.
  6. Alpha AT(Petrol) Top Selling
    The top-selling Alpha AT(Petrol) starts from Rs.14,06,000, with the total on-road price reaching Rs.16,45,855 in Pune. That’s a popular choice among motorists, and we can see why!
  7. Alpha Plus AT(Petrol)
    The Alpha Plus AT(Petrol) variant, with an ex-showroom price of Rs.14,66,000, makes for a grand total on-road price of Rs.17,15,363 in Pune. That’s a compelling option for those seeking an automatic transmission with enhanced features.
  8. Alpha Plus AT Dual Tone(Petrol) (Top Model)
    The top of the line, the Alpha Plus AT Dual Tone(Petrol) variant, comes with an ex-showroom price of Rs.14,82,000, while the total on-road price in New Delhi is Rs.17,04,766. Experience the best of the XL6 with this variant.
  9. Zeta CNG(CNG) (Base Model)
    Lastly, we have the eco-friendly Zeta CNG(CNG) base model. Priced at Rs.12,51,000 in the showroom, it has an on-road price in Pune of Rs.14,18,600. Caring for the environment has never been this luxurious!

All of these prices, keep in mind, come with a monthly EMI option, making it even easier to bring the Maruti XL6 into your life.

The Maruti XL6 is not just a car; it’s a style statement, a mark of luxury and comfort. With its array of models, you can choose the one that fits your needs the best. Whether it’s the budget-friendly base model or the top of the line dual tone variant, the choice is yours. So why wait? Step into the world of comfort, step into the world of Maruti XL6.

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