Tik Toker’s Hilarious Mishap: Accidentally Swallows Apple AirPod Instead of Vitamins

In a quirky incident that left the internet in stitches, a 52-year-old TikToker from the United States inadvertently swallowed her husband's Apple AirPod Pro, mistaking it for her daily vitamins. The mishap occurred during a seemingly ordinary morning walk, transforming a routine day into an unforgettable experience that garnered worldwide attention.

September 14, 2023: Tanna Barker, a Realtor and avid TikToker, became the unwitting star of an online spectacle when she mistakenly ingested her husband’s left AirPod Pro. She was engrossed in a lively conversation while on a casual morning walk with a friend.

Engrossed conversation leads to an unusual mishap

In her distracted state, she reached for what she believed to be her vitamins, washed them down with a sip of her drink, and realised with astonishment that she had swallowed the tiny earpiece. The amusing yet bizarre incident quickly became a social media sensation.

The slow realisation

Halfway through her walk, Barker took her vitamins, unaware of the mix-up. She recounted, “I could feel it going down so slow…I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I did that. I’ve got an AirPod inside me now.” The comical turn of events left her bewildered.

Sharing the tale

Upon returning home, Barker confessed her embarrassing ordeal to her husband, who advised her to keep it a secret. However, she couldn’t resist sharing the story with her TikTok followers. Her video swiftly went viral, captivating the curiosity of countless viewers, who flooded her comments section with humorous remarks and well-wishes.

Medical advice and a safe outcome

Concerned about the swallowed AirPod, Barker sought guidance from doctors and friends. Most advised her to let the device pass naturally through her system, reassuring her that the battery’s encasement should prevent harm. Fortunately, she had only ingested one AirPod, eliminating the potential magnet-related complications. In a follow-up video, Barker joyfully announced that the AirPod had safely exited her system.

As the hashtag #ThisTooShallPass aptly suggests, this bizarre incident has indeed passed, leaving Tanna Barker with a remarkable and humorous tale. Her ability to share this wild ride with grace and humour has endeared her to countless followers, demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit even in the face of unexpected mishaps.

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