Tomato Mania: Daughter’s Dubai-India Tomato Delivery

In a heartwarming gesture, a Dubai-based daughter fulfilled her mother's unique request by bringing 10 kilograms of tomatoes from the United Arab Emirates to India. This extraordinary gift comes as the price of tomatoes in India has skyrocketed in recent weeks, reaching as high as Rs 250 per kilogram in certain regions.

June 20, 2023: The price surge has transformed this staple ingredient of Indian cuisine into a prized possession, prompting people to request tomatoes as presents from their non-resident Indian (NRI) relatives

An unusual gift

The incident was shared on Twitter by a user named ‘Revs,’ who recounted how her sister, travelling from Dubai to India for her children’s summer holidays, asked their mother if she desired anything from the luxury shopping haven. To their surprise, the mother specifically requested 10 kilograms of tomatoes. Undeterred by the unusual nature of the gift, the sister meticulously packed the tomatoes in Pearlpet storage jars, carefully placing them in her suitcase for the long journey back to India.

The Twitter user further explained that their family’s consumption of tomatoes is remarkably high, and their mother intends to make pickles and chutneys and share some with family members. This touching gesture highlights the sentimental value of this simple yet precious vegetable, symbolizing the love and care exchanged between family members.

Windfall for farmer

Meanwhile, amidst the soaring prices of tomatoes, a farmer in Pune has made headlines by amassing a fortune of Rs 3 crore in just over a month. This remarkable achievement was made possible by selling his abundant yield of tomatoes, underscoring the immense value placed on this essential kitchen ingredient.

Skyrocketing prices

The delayed monsoon, high temperatures, and low production have skyrocketed tomato prices in India. The significant spike is also attributed to widespread damage to tomato farms in the affected regions caused by heavy rains, far beyond seasonal norms.

The story of the Dubai-based daughter’s tomato-filled journey and the farmer’s unprecedented success remind us of the enduring significance of everyday commodities in our lives. They exemplify the lengths people are willing to go to procure and share these goods, showcasing the resilience and ingenuity of individuals in navigating the challenges posed by fluctuating prices.

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