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Two Agents arrested in the Talathi office Wagholi by the Anti-Corruption Bureau

Arresting two agents in the Talathi office Wagholi by the Anti-Corruption Bureau for asking bribes to assist with paperwork is a significant step towards combating corruption in Pune.

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has successfully apprehended two agents involved in a bribery scandal at the Talathi office in Wagholi, Pune. The agents, identified as Bhausaheb Bhikaji Giri and Sanjay Maruti Lagad, were arrested for soliciting bribes from individuals seeking assistance with their paperwork. Their illicit demands were made under the pretext of expediting the inclusion of names in the 7/12 land extract.

The Unscrupulous Acts Unveiled

The investigation began after one of the victims filed a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Department, recounting his encounter with Giri and Lagad. The complainant had recently acquired a piece of land in the Wagholi area, which he registered under his wife’s name. When he approached the Talathi office to add her name in the 7/12 land extract, the agents demanded a bribe of Rs 50,000. They claimed that a payment of Rs 45,000 was required by Talathi Patange.

Swift Action by the ACB

Upon receiving the complaint, the Anti-Corruption Bureau swiftly devised a plan to capture Giri and Lagad. With meticulous precision, they set up a trap that led to the arrest of the two agents. Both individuals were taken into custody, and a case has been registered against them.

Ongoing Investigations

Deputy Superintendent of Police Madhuri Bhosale is currently spearheading the investigations under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Amol Tambe and Additional Superintendent Dr. Sheetal Janve-Kharade. The ACB aims to uncover any potential accomplices or networks associated with the bribery scandal.

Consequences of Corruption

Corruption undermines the trust citizens place in public institutions and hampers the smooth functioning of governmental processes. The arrest of these two agents sends a strong message that such illicit activities will not be tolerated. The ACB’s relentless efforts to curb corruption help ensure a fair and transparent system for all citizens.

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