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Unauthorised Agents Exploiting Pet Owners Under the Guise of Pet Licenses in Pune

In a bid to regulate pet ownership through mandatory pet licenses, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has inadvertently paved the way for unauthorized agents to exploit pet owners, subjecting them to additional charges under the deceptive veil of streamlined licensing procedures.

The official procedure outlined by the PMC for obtaining a pet license seems straightforward at first glance. Pet owners are required to submit an online application, undergo an inspection by a municipal officer, and make a nominal payment of Rs 500. In return, they should receive their pet license within three weeks, granting them legal status to keep their furry companions within the city.

The exploitative predicament

However, recent events have illuminated a darker side to this ostensibly straightforward process. Case in point: a pet owner who sought to acquire an H-11 pet license from the PMC’s website. Despite meticulously adhering to each prescribed step, he found himself mired in a frustrating waiting period that extended well beyond two months.

Then, out of the blue, a phone call disrupted this prolonged wait. An unidentified person offered a seemingly irresistible proposition – the expedited acquisition of the coveted license in exchange for a fee. Initially quoting an exorbitant Rs 3,000, the agent, upon learning about the pet owner’s active application, promptly lowered the demand to Rs 2,000.

The warning bell rings

Dr. Sarika Funde, the Chief Veterinary Officer at the PMC, has sounded the alarm regarding this disturbing trend. She cautions pet owners to exercise vigilance and promptly report any instance of unauthorized individuals demanding extra payments in exchange for swift licensing. She is quick to assert that no supplementary charges are legitimate in this context, underscoring the need for pet owners to be aware and wary of such deceitful calls.

Legitimate timelines and vigilance

It is imperative for pet owners to understand that the PMC estimates the issuance of licenses to occur within a reasonable timeframe of 21 to 25 days. This duration factors in potential delays due to inspection procedures, ensuring a fair and transparent process. Vigilance against fraudulent agents is paramount to safeguard both the rights of pet owners and the integrity of the licensing system.

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