Unveiling the Maruti Eeco Cargo: The Definitive 2023 Pricing Guide for Pune

Pune, a bustling city with its sprawling roadways, is an ideal terrain for your business ventures. If you're looking for a reliable commercial vehicle to facilitate your operations, there's no name more trusted than Maruti. And one of its most sought-after models? The Maruti Eeco Cargo.

The Quintessential Budget-Friendly Commercial Vehicle
Picture this: you’ve got goods to deliver across Pune, but you’re looking for a commercial vehicle that’s economical yet reliable. Is there a vehicle that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality? Meet the Maruti Eeco Cargo. Perhaps you are wondering, “How much will this cost me?”

Breaking Down the 2023 Maruti Eeco Cargo Pricing in Pune
-Standard Petrol (Base Model)
-You heard it here first folks, the Standard Petrol variant of the Maruti Eeco Cargo is available at an ex-showroom price of ₹5.42 Lakh. And that’s not all! Once you factor in the RTO fees of ₹59,620 and -Insurance costs of ₹32,702, the on-road price stands at ₹6,34,322. Quite a deal, wouldn’t you agree?
-Standard CNG (Base Model)

Are you one for eco-friendliness? The Eeco Cargo Standard CNG model is your go-to. This base CNG variant is priced at an ex-showroom rate of ₹6.32 Lakh. Add the RTO charge of ₹44,240 and insurance of ₹36,014 to get the on-road price in Pune, which comes to ₹7,12,254.

Standard AC CNG (Top Model)
Finally, for those who won’t settle for less than the best, there’s the Standard AC CNG variant. This top-of-the-line model is available at an ex-showroom price of ₹6.74 Lakh. With the RTO fee of ₹47,180 and insurance cost of ₹37,560, the on-road price culminates at ₹7,58,740.

The Verdict
With the Maruti Eeco Cargo, what you’re getting is not just a vehicle, but a reliable business partner. This comprehensive price guide should help you plan your purchase accordingly, ensuring you make an informed decision that suits your business needs and budget. Remember, Pune, the road to successful entrepreneurship starts with the right commercial vehicle. Make your choice wisely!

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