Unveiling the New Maruti Swift 2023: A Detailed Price Guide for Pune

Marvel at the intricacies of the newly launched Maruti Swift 2023 and its competitive price range available in Pune. Let's embark on a journey that explores its power-packed features and superb affordability.

Maruti Swift 2023: The Unrivalled Star of Pune Roads
Have you ever wondered what makes a car truly stand out on the bustling streets of Pune? It’s the blend of exemplary design, advanced technology, and affordability. And guess what? The Maruti Swift 2023 checks all these boxes.

The starting price for the Swift in Pune teases the realm of affordability, commencing at a tempting ₹ 5.99 Lakh. But don’t let this starting price fool you; the 2023 Swift is far from an entry-level car. It’s an amalgamation of exceptional features that make it a hot pick amongst buyers.

A Deep Dive into Swift’s 2023 Pricing Spectrum in Pune
What’s unique about Swift’s pricing structure is its fine gradation catering to an extensive buyer’s spectrum. Let’s take a detailed look at how it unfolds, starting from its base variant, the Swift LXI (Petrol).

Swift LXI: An Exemplary Beginning
The Swift LXI (Petrol) begins with an ex-showroom price of Rs.5,99,450. With RTO charges of Rs.65,939 and insurance of Rs.34,816, the on-road price in Pune sums up to Rs.7,00,205. ‘The Swift LXI sets the stage for a journey that defines efficiency and affordability combined with Maruti’s signature style.’

Swift VXI: The Power-packed Performer
The Swift VXI (Petrol), priced at Rs.8.10 Lakh, further ups the game. Its ex-showroom price stands at Rs.6,95,000, with additional RTO and insurance charges of Rs.76,450 and Rs.38,332, respectively. Thus, the on-road price in Pune comes to Rs.8,09,782. ‘Step into a world of amplified performance and comfort with the Swift VXI.’

Swift VXI AMT: The Blend of Power and Convenience
The Swift VXI AMT (Petrol) adds another star to the lineup. Starting at Rs.8.73 Lakh, it encompasses an ex-showroom price of Rs.750,000, RTO of Rs.82,500, and insurance of Rs.40,357. The total on-road price in Pune is Rs.8,72,857. ‘Experience seamless driving with the Swift VXI AMT, a harmonious blend of power and convenience.’

Swift ZXI: The Expression of Extravagance
The Swift ZXI (Petrol) variant, priced at Rs.8.88 Lakh, is an exquisite treat for luxury lovers. With an ex-showroom price of Rs.7,63,000, RTO of Rs.83,930, and insurance of Rs.40,835, it adds up to an on-road price of Rs.8,87,765 in Pune. ‘Swift ZXI – where luxury meets affordability in a stunning package.’

Swift ZXI AMT: Automated Luxury at Its Best
Priced at Rs.9.51 Lakh, the Swift ZXI AMT (Petrol) is where automated luxury takes the forefront. With an ex-showroom price of Rs.818,000, RTO of Rs.89,980, and insurance of Rs.42,859, the on-road price stands at Rs.9,50,839 in Pune. ‘Embrace the future of automated luxury with Swift ZXI AMT.’

Swift ZXI Plus: The Top Seller
The Swift ZXI Plus (Petrol), starting at Rs.9.69 Lakh, is an unrivalled star of the Swift line-up. It’s got an ex-showroom price of Rs.834,000, RTO of Rs.91,740, and insurance of Rs.43,448, totalling to an on-road price of Rs.9,69,188 in Pune. ‘The Swift ZXI Plus is the hallmark of Maruti’s innovative spirit.’

Swift ZXI Plus DT: The Extra Edge
The Swift ZXI Plus DT (Petrol) variant, priced at Rs.9.85 Lakh, adds an extra edge. With an ex-showroom price of Rs.8,48,000, RTO of Rs.93,280, and insurance of Rs.43,963, it sums up to an on-road price of Rs.9,85,243 in Pune. ‘Experience the edge with Swift ZXI Plus DT – a perfect blend of style and performance.’

Swift ZXI Plus AMT: The Automated Elite
The Swift ZXI Plus AMT (Petrol), priced at Rs.10.32 Lakh, stands as the automated elite in the Swift series. The ex-showroom price of Rs.8,89,000, RTO of Rs.97,790, and insurance of Rs.45,472, leads to an on-road price of Rs.10,32,262 in Pune. ‘Experience the elite with Swift ZXI Plus AMT – the zenith of luxury and convenience.’

Swift ZXI Plus DT AMT: The Ultimate Choice
The Swift ZXI Plus DT AMT (Petrol) priced at Rs.10.48 Lakh is the ultimate choice. With an ex-showroom price of Rs.903,000, RTO of Rs.99,330, and insurance of Rs.45,987, the on-road price rounds up to Rs.10,48,317 in Pune. ‘Unleash the power of ultimate luxury with the Swift ZXI Plus DT AMT.’

Swift VXI CNG: The Eco-friendly Performer
Starting at Rs.8.82 Lakh, the Swift VXI CNG (CNG) is the eco-friendly performer in the lineup. With an ex-showroom price of Rs.7,85,000, RTO of Rs.54,950, and insurance of Rs.41,645, the on-road price comes to Rs.8,81,595 in Pune. ‘Embrace the eco-friendly future with the Swift VXI CNG.’

Swift ZXI CNG: The Luxurious Eco-warrior
Priced at Rs.9.57 Lakh, the Swift ZXI CNG (CNG) blends luxury with eco-friendliness. It comes with an ex-showroom price of Rs.853,000, RTO of Rs.59,710, and insurance of Rs.44,147, rounding off to an on-road price of Rs.9,56,857 in Pune. ‘The Swift ZXI CNG – a luxurious eco-warrior in every sense.’

A Bundle of Surprises
The Maruti Swift 2023 is indeed a bundle of surprises. From affordable luxury to eco-friendly performance, it caters to every car lover’s desires. Its wide price range and variant options make it an accessible choice for every kind of buyer, and its top-notch features ensure it’s an unforgettable ride.
The essence of the Maruti Swift 2023 lies in its versatility, its ability to cater to different driving preferences, and its affordability without compromising on quality and performance. No matter what variant you choose, the Swift 2023 guarantees a driving experience that will take you beyond the ordinary. So buckle up, Pune, the ride is about to begin!

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