Upgrading Public Transportation with Pune Metro’s Relaunched Feeder Bus Services

The Building Pune initiative through the relaunching of Pune Metro's feeder bus services is not just a step but a giant leap towards revolutionizing urban public transportation.

The Pune Metro has relaunched its feeder bus services. The auspicious inauguration was graced by PM Modi himself, who inaugurated the two vital stretches of the Pune Metro – Phugewadi-Shivajinagar and Garware College-Ruby Hall Clinic. By the end of the day, the ridership saw an impressive spike to 12,000, almost tripling the average daily ridership.

Resurrection of the feeder bus services

Pune’s Metro Rail and Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML) jointly breathed new life into the previously discontinued Metro feeder bus service. The initiative comes after the inauguration of additional metro stations, and with increased connectivity, aims to foster an optimal use of public transportation.

The relaunch saw feeder service starting from Civil Court metro station to various destinations including Pune station, Tadiwala road, Westend MG Road, and more. The fare is attractively priced between Rs 5 to Rs 15, with buses plying at a frequency of 30 – 70 minutes.

How will the relaunch affect commuters?

Remember when the joy of a perfect melody was suddenly interrupted because the radio lost reception? The discontinuation of the feeder bus services felt somewhat similar. Now, it’s like tuning back to the favorite station, where everything is in harmony again.

The relaunch of the feeder service is the bridge that connects various metro stations, enhancing convenience for daily commuters. Think of it as a series of interconnected streams that seamlessly flow into a mighty river, connecting the city in a network of convenience and efficiency.

Convenience at its best: additional features

To make the Metro train journey even more comfortable, several features have been added. The integrated planning includes circular routes, optimal frequency, on-board train announcements on PMPML buses, and metro station bus announcements.

Pune Metro’s smart initiatives extend to roping in other service providers for feeder service, including e-bicycles, e-bikes, e-autorickshaws, autorickshaws, cabs, and mini-buses. This move ensures that commuters reach the nearest metro station from their destination effortlessly.

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