Vespa SXL 150: A Stylish and Powerful Scooter

In this article, we will explore the on-road price of the Vespa SXL 150 in Pune, along with its key specifications, variants, and user reviews.

When it comes to stylish and high-performance scooters, the Vespa SXL 150 stands out as a top choice. Priced at ₹1,72,492, the Vespa SXL 150 offers a perfect blend of elegance, power, and advanced features. In this article, we will explore the on-road price of the Vespa SXL 150 in Pune, along with its key specifications, variants, and user reviews.

Vespa SXL 150 On-Road Price in Pune

The Vespa SXL 150 is available in Pune at an on-road price of ₹1,72,492. This price includes the ex-showroom price of ₹1,47,360, the RTO charges of ₹17,710, and comprehensive insurance of ₹7,422. Please note that the actual prices offered by dealers may vary slightly.

Vespa SXL 150 Variants and Colors

The Vespa SXL 150 is available in four variants and twelve vibrant colors, allowing you to choose the one that matches your style and personality. The top-end variant, the SXL 150 Racing Sixties, is priced at ₹1,78,891 (on-road price, Pune). Here are the variants of the Vespa SXL 150 available in Pune:

  1. SXL 150 Premium – Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels
  2. SXL 150 Sport – Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels
  3. SXL 150 Dual – Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels
  4. SXL 150 Racing Sixties – Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels

Key Highlights of Vespa SXL 150

  • On Road Price: Rs. 1,72,492
  • Mileage: 35 kmpl
  • Disc Brakes for enhanced safety
  • Alloy Wheels for a stylish look

Vespa SXL 150 User Reviews

The Vespa SXL 150 has received positive reviews from users, with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. Let’s take a look at some user reviews:

Review 1 – “One of the best scooters”

“I’m so excited about buying the Vespa. Vespa riding was better than any Activa or scooty. It has a unique look, and many people appreciate the Vespa’s performance. I have no doubts about its service and maintenance. I simply love the Vespa’s look.” – Prince Patel, Surat

Review 2 – “Superb and stylish”

“Mind-blowing driving experience. I’ve never ridden a vehicle with such great pickup and good road grip. It feels like an ABS mode while driving. The lighting is excellent. I have ridden continuously for up to 175 km without feeling tired. Thank you for presenting such a good vehicle.” – Ahamed, Guntur

Similar Scooters in Pune

If you’re considering other options apart from the Vespa SXL 150, here are some similar scooters available in Pune:

  1. Vespa VXL 150 – Starting from ₹1,42,994
  2. Vespa SXL 125 – Starting from ₹1,33,407
  3. Aprilia SXR 160 – Starting from ₹1,43,018

The Vespa SXL 150 is a stylish and powerful scooter that offers a delightful riding experience. With its elegant design, advanced features, and excellent performance, it is a top choice for scooter enthusiasts. Priced competitively and available in multiple variants and colors, the Vespa SXL 150 is a fantastic option for those looking for a premium scooter. So, why wait? Visit.

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