Vohuman Cafe: A Timeless Irani Legacy

Fondly addressed as 'Bawa Ji' or 'Vohuman Uncle' by loyal patrons, Hormuz Irani embarked on his venture after a career selling fruits on the streets of Colaba, Mumbai.

July 21, 2023: When the opportunity arose to run a restaurant in Pune, Irani, driven by a deep passion for good food and a desire to share “good thoughts” (as the name Vohuman suggests in Persian), established the cafe on August 15, 1978, in partnership with his brothers.

Throughout the years, Irani’s warmth and genuine connection with customers became legendary, making Vohuman Cafe more than just a place to eat.

The legacy continues: Irani Chai and time-honored recipes

After Hormuz Irani’s passing in 2016, the reins of the cafe were entirely entrusted to him. Despite admitting to having little knowledge about the cafe’s inner workings initially, he embraced the challenge with determination.

One anecdote recalls his early struggles with making Irani chai due to a broken measuring cup. Undeterred, he experimented until he perfected the art of blending tea, milk, and sugar to create the much-loved brew that still delights patrons.

Fortunately, most of the recipes were passed down by his father, ensuring the cafe’s authentic flavours remained intact. The dedicated staff, some with over 15 years of service, have been instrumental in preserving Vohuman’s culinary heritage.

A haven for creativity and intellectual exchange

Vohuman Cafe is more than just a place to eat; it’s a haven for intellectuals, artists, and writers in Pune. The cafe’s charm and serene ambience have been an inspiring retreat for many seeking moments of creativity and reflection. Amidst the clinking of tea cups and the aroma of Irani chai, ideas flow freely, sparking conversations that enrich the artistic soul.

Where tradition meets timelessness

Housed in Millenium Star on Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Road, near Ruby Hall, Vohuman Cafe is a timeless symbol of Pune’s heritage and cultural history. Its longstanding popularity has earned it the status of a must-visit restaurant, where generations have savoured its delicious food and enjoyed its charming atmosphere.

Savory and sweet offerings at Vohuman Cafe

Bun Maska and Brun Maska: Irresistible buttered delights
Vohuman Cafe’s menu boasts two iconic treats that have become synonymous with the cafe’s legacy – the classic Bun Maska and its heartier counterpart, the Brun Maska. Served with a generous dollop of creamy butter, these soft and delectable bread delights are a favorite among patrons, leaving them craving for more with each bite.
Cheese Omelette: A signature sensation
One cannot visit Vohuman Cafe without indulging in its famed Cheese Omelette. Hormuz Irani’s secret recipe brings forth a fluffy and cheesy delight that has won over countless food lovers. The combination of gooey cheese and perfectly whisked eggs makes this dish an absolute must-try for anyone visiting the cafe.

Khima Pav: A spicy culinary delight
For those seeking a fiery kick, the Khima Pav is a surefire winner. This flavorful minced meat dish, served with soft Pav bread, offers an explosion of spices and rich flavors. Savoring the Khima Pav at Vohuman Cafe is an experience that leaves guests coming back for more of its mouthwatering goodness.
Caramel Custard: A sweet symphony of creaminess
To satisfy the sweet tooth, Vohuman Cafe offers a heavenly Caramel Custard that brings pure indulgence to the table. The smooth and velvety custard, crowned with a luscious caramel glaze, is a delightful ending to any meal. Its creamy texture and delectable taste make it a true showstopper.
Steaming cups of Irani Tea: A soul-warming brew
No visit to an Irani cafe is complete without sipping on a steaming cup of Irani chai. Vohuman Cafe takes immense pride in its traditional tea-making process, where the tea leaves are brewed to perfection and blended with milk, sugar, and aromatic spices. A sip of this soul-warming brew envelops the senses, making it the quintessential accompaniment to the cafe’s savory and sweet offerings.

A lasting legacy

Hormuz Irani’s memory lives on in the hearts of those who cherished his warm hospitality and the essence of Vohuman Cafe. His humorous interactions with customers and the legendary tales of his encounters with Bollywood stars have become an intrinsic part of the cafe’s lore.

Continuing the tradition

While Hormuz Irani’s presence is deeply missed, the cafe continues to thrive under the guidance of his son, Sarosh Irani. Sarosh has admirably taken up the mantle to preserve the authenticity of Vohuman Cafe, ensuring that its traditional recipes and traditions remain unchanged.

An uncertain future

Despite Vohuman Cafe’s continuing popularity, its future is uncertain. Hormuz Irani’s concern about the cafe’s fate post his time is evident, unsure whether his children will continue its legacy. The essence of Vohuman Cafe remains in the memories of those who have enjoyed its delights and experienced its heartfelt connection.

With its heartwarming legacy, Vohuman Cafe continues to be a treasured part of Pune’s culture. For those who venture into its embrace, it offers an unparalleled experience thanks to its dedication to tradition and sincerity of connection. In the bustling urban landscape of Pune, Vohuman Cafe continues to symbolize excellence in food and camaraderie—where good thoughts, cherished memories, and delightful flavours intertwine

Where: Millenium Star, Chatrapati Shah Maharaj Marg.Near Ruby Hall,
Pune 411 001 Phone: 93733 23263

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