Water Cuts in PCMC Limits: Review Underway

The Pavana dam, a crucial source of water for the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) in Pune, Maharashtra, is facing a significant challenge. With water stock levels plummeting to just 24%, the municipal corporation is bracing itself for potential water cuts in the upcoming weeks. The current water supply schedule in the PCMC limits already offers alternate day water supply to residents. However, the situation may worsen if adequate measures are not taken in a timely manner.

Monitoring the Monsoon Prediction

Municipal Commissioner Shekhar Singh highlighted the importance of an updated monsoon prediction from the Meteorological Department. The PCMC is eagerly awaiting this information, which is expected to be released later this week. Based on the monsoon forecast, a comprehensive review meeting will be conducted next week to assess the gravity of the situation. The outcome of this meeting will determine whether water cuts become inevitable within the civic limits.

Buffer Water Reserves and Contingency Plans

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, Singh mentioned that besides the Pavana dam, the PCMC has created buffer water reserves in the Andra dam. These reserves are treated at the Chikhali water treatment plant and will serve as a backup in case of emergencies. The PCMC is striving to ensure that adequate measures are in place to minimize the impact of water scarcity on the residents.

Curbing Overconsumption and Identifying Leakages

To address the issue of overconsumption, the PCMC is collaborating with department heads and water management experts to develop guidelines. These guidelines will focus on promoting responsible water usage among residents and curbing excessive consumption practices. Additionally, the water supply department is actively identifying potential leakages in the system. By addressing these leaks promptly, the PCMC aims to reduce water wastage and improve the overall efficiency of the water supply network.

Tackling Illegal Water Connections

One of the significant challenges faced by the PCMC is the prevalence of illegal water connections. In a recent survey, it was discovered that there are approximately 40,000 illegal water connections within the civic limits. To address this issue, the PCMC plans to connect these illegal connections to meters, thereby bringing them under the water tax ambit. In the coming weeks, the civic body intends to appoint contractors who will work towards implementing this initiative effectively.

Exploring Alternative Water Sources

The PCMC is also considering the possibility of increasing water supply from the Andra dam. Currently, the municipal corporation extracts around 50 million liters per day (MLD) of water from Andra dam. However, this capacity could be increased to 100 MLD to meet the growing demands of the residents. By exploring alternative water sources and optimizing existing ones, the PCMC aims to ensure a sustainable water supply system.


The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is proactively addressing the imminent water scarcity issue caused by the declining water stock in the Pavana dam. By closely monitoring the monsoon prediction and conducting a comprehensive review meeting, the PCMC aims to make informed decisions regarding potential water cuts.

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