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Yodda Elder Care: Bridging the Gap in Senior Care for Distant Families

Discover how Pune-based startup Yodda is transforming senior care for distant families, offering comprehensive services from healthcare management to emergency response. Learn more about their innovative approach on International Day for older people.

In today’s fast-paced world, young adults often live far from their aging parents due to work commitments, leaving elderly parents to fend for themselves. Recognizing the challenges faced by seniors and their distant family members, a Pune-based startup named Yodda has emerged to provide reliable senior care.

The Inspiration Behind Yodda

Tarun Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Yodda, shared the inspiration behind the venture. He explained that Yodda was born out of the need to assist elderly individuals whose children live abroad or in distant cities. In urban areas, extended family structures have become rare, leaving seniors without familial support. Yodda aims to be a responsible caregiver, offering services ranging from emergency response and healthcare management to food delivery and bill payments.

Sharma’s Personal Experience

Sharma, who previously worked as a software professional abroad, returned to India after facing critical health issues with both of his parents, resulting in their passing. Through these experiences, he identified the gaps in the Indian healthcare system and realized the significant time and care required to support an ailing family member. This realization led to the creation of Yodda.

Yodda’s Technological Solutions

Yodda provides various technological solutions, including a user-friendly mobile app, integration with smartwatches, and GPS pendants. Once seniors are signed up, they can submit service requests or trigger emergency responses using these tools or a simple phone call. In case of an emergency, Yodda’s Emergency Command Centre is immediately alerted. Sharma stressed that Yodda exclusively hires individuals with military service backgrounds for their ability to handle emergency situations.

Response to Yodda’s Services

Sharma mentioned that users not only appreciate Yodda’s services but also place great trust in them. Many users wonder how they managed without the app. Sharma concluded by stating that Yodda is currently expanding to Mumbai and Hyderabad, with plans to launch in more locations in the future.

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