Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

The world marked the ninth #InternationalYogaDay2023 centered around the theme of "Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (The world is a family). Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a momentous step by leading the celebrations at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.

Prior to engaging in a collective yoga session with a large group of participants on the North Lawn of the UN Headquarters, PM Modi addressed the attendees and highlighted the distinctive attributes of yoga, a precious contribution from India to the world.

PM Modi elucidated the following benefits of yoga during his address:
Firstly, yoga is devoid of copyright, patents, and royalty payments, making it universally accessible.
Secondly, yoga is adaptable, accommodating people of various ages, genders, and fitness levels.
Thirdly, yoga is portable, allowing individuals to practice it at their homes, workplaces, or even while traveling.
Fourthly, yoga is flexible, as one can choose to practice it alone or in a group, and can either learn from a teacher or be self-taught.

Furthermore, PM Modi emphasized that yoga unifies people, transcending ethnicity, faith, and culture. It truly embodies a universal essence.

Expanding on the manifold advantages of practicing yoga, PM Modi stated that engaging in yoga not only enhances physical fitness but also promotes mental serenity and emotional contentment. However, he emphasized that yoga extends beyond mere exercise on a mat. Describing it as a way of life, he depicted yoga as a holistic approach to health and well-being, fostering mindfulness in thoughts and actions, and facilitating harmonious coexistence with oneself, others, and nature.

Simultaneously, the number of yoga practitioners soared across the country, setting a new record.

PM Modi called upon the world to harness the power of yoga not only for personal health and happiness but also to cultivate kindness towards oneself and others. He urged global unity in utilizing the strength of yoga to forge bonds of friendship, nurture a peaceful world, and construct a cleaner, greener, and sustainable future. PM Modi’s parting wish was for universal happiness and good health, envisioning a world where everyone thrives together as one family on a shared planet.

A similar view was echoed in by Yoga practitioners in Kashmir. “Its not like we are muslims we cant do this exercise” says a young participant.

Hear what they said.

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